How a Homeowner Association Management business transformed from paper to Excel to Squirrel

While the Business Intelligence ecosystem swirls and bubbles like a giant cauldron of boiling innovation, too often the data being analyzed and visualized with the latest BI tool ends up back in Excel.Why? Excel is accessible to the masses.  Data is ‘visual’ in rows and columns; the math is not that challenging – though it can be very sophisticated if required.  The challenges around Excel are many and well known; many versions of “the truth”, easily misinterpreted, lots of manual cut and paste (think budget time), Excel Hell, and much more.  Even if these problems were corrected, simply staring at a spreadsheet for too long leads to a loss of focus on what is truly impactful to the organization or business.  Agreed?

Let’s walk through a case study together and learn how one business, a successful and growing Homeowner Association Management business transformed from paper to Excel to Squirrel.  Why? the value drivers include “time to decision”, all information in one place to support complex decisions, competitive advantage through superior client service and professional development.

We’ll address reducing the data firehouse to a stream, selecting (and creating) relevant metrics, building data apps from Squirrel, user identity and access to personalized information, a myriad of data challenges, and the measurable results of development and implementation.  We’ll peek into the future to see where we are planning to go from here.

I’m more than pleased to tell my clients and friends that “We’re going to make a lot of money with this!” because I’m talking about their businesses AND mine.