Herb Hess

Herb Hess

CEO, Center4BI

Herb Hess has been a technology professional since owning one of the first Apple II computers when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  In 1996 he partnered with Crystal Decisions and focused his business, Center4BI, on delivering Business Intelligence Solutions to the Finance, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Pulp and Paper Products, and Professional Sports industries.  Client solutions focus on achieving measurable strategic and operational business objectives and include appropriate infrastructure, BI content, and education for maximum benefit and adoption.  Currently Herb is focused on enabling cloud analytics and reporting for his client base and is delighted to be introducing Squirrel as part of that solution toolkit.

How a Homeowner Association Management business transformed from paper to Excel to Squirrel

While the Business Intelligence ecosystem swirls and bubbles like a giant cauldron of boiling innovation, too often the data being analyzed and visualized with the latest BI tool ends up back in Excel.Why? Excel is accessible to the masses.  Data is ‘visual’ in rows and columns; the math is not that challenging – though it […]


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