John Wilcox

John Wilcox

CTO, InfoSol Inc.

John joined InfoSol in 2001 and leads the software development team who in 2003 launched the first version of InfoBurst to provide a powerful and flexible report bursting solution for Business Objects.

Since then the InfoBurst solution has evolved to meet the growing needs of a mixed BI landscape and integrates with Tableau and PowerBI.

In addition to report bursting and publishing, InfoBurst is also used to power many dashboard solutions using the high speed data cache.

Recap, Roadmap and Future Direction for InfoBurst

A lot has happened with InfoBurst recently including the introduction of a 64-bit release and enhanced support for Tableau, PowerBI and Squirrel. This session will provide an overview of recent builds and highlight some of the major features that have been added plus look at the future ideas and roadmap.


LIVE PANEL Q&A for the InfoBurst Experience Day