Steve Thatcher

Steve Thatcher

Consultant, Alcove Insights

Business intelligence professional, that’s Steve. As the Customer Solutions Manager of Alcove Insights, Steve Thatcher brings a well-versed background of expertise to serve his clients.

Not only is his background in developing reporting solutions on multiple platforms, including the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI extensive, but it’s all complemented by Steve’s experience of over 13 years in corporate finance. Taking it from the corporate finance world to us, Steve brings reporting and information system development insights to benefit our attendees.”

Plotting your BO Migration Course

So, you have a shiny, new BO 4.3 environment to take for a spin?  Well, you’ll need the fuel to get you across the finish line.  In this session, Steve will explore the steps required to migrate report and user content from your current BO environment to your new BO 4.3 FIORI environment.   Steve […]


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