Tyler Koitka

Tyler Koitka

Tyler Koitka is a Senior Technical Consultant at InfoSol. Tyler started his career in Australia as a graduate developer at a railway company in Brisbane, Queensland. Becoming quickly fascinated with all things BI and data, Tyler jumped on the chance to learn SAP BusinessObjects. Seeing great potential in the software, he worked extremely hard to understand and master the tools. After embarking on an adventure with a good friend that landed them both in Canada, he decided to try his luck working in the United States. Upon moving to California in 2013, his first acquisition was a Harley Davidson to cruise the vast American roads. He enjoys staying active, learning new things, traveling and enjoying good company.

BusinessObjects Universes and PowerBI Datasets – is there a clear winner?

The semantic layer has always been the “secret sauce” of BusinessObjects, and other BI tools usually come up short in providing an equivalency. In this session, we’ll take a look at how Business Objects and Power BI tackle the semantic layer differently. There are similarities and differences, strengths, and weaknesses to both but is there […]


LIVE PANEL Q&A for BO Admin, Universes, BI 4.3 Upgrade Day